Grow rare native plants at home and return the seeds they produce for use in restoring local conservation lands

Plant NSG native species — Return their seeds — Restore their species!

Who can do it?

Anyone willing to devote even a few square feet of lawn or garden can grow rare wildflowers and grasses using plants that we provide free of charge.

How much work is it?

Growing the plants we give you is not difficult, but they are a rare, precious resource so we ask you to be committed to looking after them.

After the first year these plants typically need:

  • little watering
  • no fertilizer
  • just a little weeding.

The most important requirement is that you pick the seeds when they’re mature and take or mail them to garden coordinator.

Let’s Get Growing!

Simply fill-out and submit our on-line enrollment form. We’ll let you know when the plants are ready for pick-up in the spring.  Questions?  Contact a garden volunteer.