How the NSG Program Works

The Program in a Nutshell


Volunteers collect seeds from native plants growing in our local natural areas.

Most of the collected seeds are sown onto local restoration lands, but  a portion of the seeds are given to Chicago Botanic Garden for propagation in their greenhouses over the winter.

In the spring, the young plants that the Chicago Botanic Garden started, are given to the Native Seed Gardeners to grow and nurture in the home gardens.

In a year or two our home grown plants will mature and produce seeds of their own. Our gardeners collect the seeds from their native plants and give them to a Native Seed Volunteer, or mailed back to the NSG program.

The seeds you’ve grown will be sown onto our local preserves and other natural areas; helping fulfill a vital need in restoring our natural heritage.

Which conservation lands benefit from this program?

All the seeds will go to the protected conservation lands of the Spring Creek Forest Preserves and Citizens for Conservation.