Every Seed Counts

Why every seed counts?

Every seed you send to us makes a difference. A little bit of rare seed can go a long way, here are a few examples:

Rough blazing star: 16,000 seeds per ounce.

Cream false indigo: 350 seeds per teaspoon.

Prairie dropseed: 16,000 seeds per ounce.

If you have questions about collecting or sending in seed please email or contact us through Facebook.

Seed Collecting Information

For information on how and when to collect the seeds from your plants, you can go to Our Plants and look up specific instructions for each plant species or you can go to our Seed Collectors Blog to get current information on seed collecting.

Once You’ve Collected Your Seeds

After you collect the seeds from your home-grown natives, please take the next steps…

During the spring and summer seed collecting seasons please contact a Native Seed Garden Volunteer  to make arrangements for delivering your seeds.

During fall seed collecting please have all seeds directed to:

Native Seed Gardeners
c/o Citizens for Conservation
459 West IL Route 22
Barrington, IL 60010
Attention: Native Seed Gardeners

Please keep each species in a separate baggy and put a piece of paper in each bag with the following info:

Name of the species
Gardener’s name
e-mail address or phone

Place the dry seed in a sealed plastic baggy and mail it in a padded envelope which can be either a bubble-lined envelope or a cardboard insert to prevent crushing of the seed.

You may also hand deliver the seed to CFC and place it in the green basket in the backdoor vestibule.

You are welcome to join Citizens for Conservation and the Spring Creek Stewards in the open field harvests as well as the cleaning of the seed at CFC.  The dates and times can be found by going to Citzensforconservation.org and the Springcreekstewards.org websites and clicking on the calendars.