Our Plants

Which plants are included in our program?

Once you meet the natives, you’ll see these plants work well in existing flower gardens, or in their own native garden bed. Our Growers Guide tells you all you need to know about preparing your garden for the new arrivals.

Dominated by grasses, with less than 10% tree coverage. These plants will be good for gardens with full sun. Prairie plants

A wooded community but the canopy cover is less than 50%. These plants need at least a half day of full sun.  Savanna plants

Dominated by trees, with an average canopy cover of greater than 50%. These plants will do well in a shade garden. Woodland plants


An Important Note:

Since the purpose of this program is to propagate seeds from original local gene pools, you may not choose a species from this program if you are already growing that same species from another source.
For example, you’d like to grow butterfly milkweed, but you already have a few of them that you purchased from a local nursery. We do not want the pollen from those plants (which may not be of local origin) pollinating the seed we will use, therefore, you will need to choose a different species to grow.